Do you believe that the title of this reflection is true? I hope so as it is! Does this mean that we are gretaer than Jesus? Of course not! What it means is that Jesus, in his absolute generosity to us, has made available to us the power that he used to perform the miracles in his ministry here on earth. How do we gain access to this power and grace?


Unfortunately the cost is great and very few men or women are willing to pay it, namely, the cost is our lives! The cost is a life of discipleship – surrender to the will of God and choosing his will over our own or that of the world around us. The choice to respond to the call of discipleship is the most fundamental choice we make in our spiritual lives. It is from this basis that everything else flows. We have to know if we are willing to pay the price of discipleship because if we say we are then God will eventually put our resolve to the test.


It is good to reflect upon the lives of the martyrs in this regard as they make the supreme sacrifice of their lives in following Jesus. It is not likely that that will be our calling but it could be. Stranger things have happened than that! Gaining access to the grace of God in our lives means being in relationship with Jesus and making this relationship the priority of our lives. Discipleship is not fo rthe fainthearted or lazy; nor is it for those who are easily distracted and attracted to earthly pleasures and things; it is not for those who are forever consumed by the latest fashion or gimmicks. Discipleship is for those who are serious about making a difference in the life of the Church and the world.


If you think what I have just written soiunds diffciult then be prepared for more than that. Discipleship is also about choosing a life of humility and virtue – always putting others before ourselves and ensuring that thw eakest member of the group is lokked after first. Holiness is a good way of describing discipleship. Jesus calls us to practise what we preach and thus to love others in the way we would want them to love us.


Holy Spirit, help me to open my heart to your grace so that you can empower me to become a disciple of Jesus, placing love of God and my neighbor before my own desires and wants.