Today we celebrate the Feast of All Saints. It seems to me that the Catholic world has lost something of the sense of the importance of these men and women as models of holiness for us to follow. One of the most critical aspects of holiness is obedience, in this case obedience to the will of God.

Now obedience has taken on the burden of being something like a ‘bad word’ of late as the overwhelming pressures of secular society seeks to encourage everyone to assert their individuality and do what they want. However, when one looks a little more closely at the agenda of the world we discover that the world is not the least bit interested in us doing what we want to do and every bit interested in getting us to do what it the world wants us to do, which can be generally summarised by, be good consumers of everything we want to sell you and do not ‘rock the boat’ by being too different and difficult to please!

It is here that the saints become for us models of true individuality in the sense that they are the best examples we have of men and women living their lives to the fullest of their potential. It is in God that we will discover the true reason for our existence, not in the world! It is in the will of God that we will find the best set of directions to lead us to lives of true fulfilment. The world is not the least bit interested in us living fulfilling lives from a spiritual and moral point of view. The world wants us to submit to its secular humanist agenda and forget about asking too many questions that may call into doubt the values it promotes for its own ends.

An example of this is the advertising industry which is not interested in truth but in selling the products given to it to sell. They are not really concerned as to how they sell the products but that they are successful in doing so! It is thus that we need to look to the lives of the saints to see the imperative to place our lives under the will of God rather than the will of the world. Only then will we have the possibility of living a truly fulfilling life!

When was the last time you read a book on the life of a saint? I hope you are reading at least one life of a saint every two months!

Lord Jesus, help me to be inspired by the lives of the saints to seek deeper obedience to your will as I know that this is the only way to true human fulfilment.