4: 1-17 What really matters in life? Is it the amount of money we hope to make in a lifetime? Is it the acclaim of the world regarding how brilliant we may be at a particular sport or intellectual pursuit? What really matters? Is it whether or not we gain eternal life? The former things are for this world only – we cannot take any of it with us when we die. Eternal life is forever! This is what James reminds us of in the reading today. He is not saying that we should not work hard at our jobs but he is encouraging us to keep things in their proper perspective.

 Jesus, help me to have a realistic perspective on my life. Help me to spend the right amount of time at all the ‘things that matter,’ both those that are passing and those that are concerned with eternal life.

 Mk 9: 38-40 Jesus is not worried about competition if it is competition in the truth. If someone is truly working for the Kingdom of God then we should help them and not hinder them even if we may not be in total agreement with them in every aspect of doctrine and belief. If the basis is there for a healthy relationship it does not matter that the relationship is not yet perfect.

 Jesus, help me to work with all men and women who are truly proclaiming your Kingdom. Let us all work together so tat the Gospel will be brought to the ends of the earth.