In Luke’s Gospel we are told that Jesus sets his face like flint and heads towards Jerusalem (9:51). Jesus is not afraid of death or anything else that men might have in store for Him. He knows that His destiny lies in Jerusalem and He is willing to face it as He knows with all His heart that obedience to His Father’s will is the most important factor in all of these considerations.

There is a single-mindedness about Jesus’ ministry that is truly inspirational. If something difficult has to be done, He does not ask others to do it for Him, He does it Himself like the true leader that He is! I pray and hope that we can all become as single-minded as Jesus is about His mission when we are challenged by the Holy Spirit to confront the various areas of sin that are at work in our lives!

One of the greatest aids that we have in the fight against sin is each another. We are not in this battle on our own! Yes, there are aspects of the battle that are totally reliant upon our individual co-operation with the grace of God. However, this is not the case for everything. As a community of believers we ought to be encouraging one another in the call to grow in holiness and deal decisively with sin. As the old army adage reminds us: “United we stand; divided we fall!” The Church is a communion of believers on a common journey to eternal life. There is much we can learn from each other; there is much with which we can help each other.

Let us not allow the enemy, Satan, to divide us form each other and so isolate and weaken us in our resolves to be faithful to His will. Let us decide to care for one another and put aside any competition or jealousies that will only serve to make our missions in life all the more difficult to attain. Let us follow Jesus together, side by side, with a common unity of purpose as we journey towards eternal life.

How well do I aid other people in their faith journeys? Do I belong to a vibrant Christian community where I can both draw support from others and give it in return?

Holy Spirit, you are the source and principle of unity in the Church. Help me to live as a committed member of the Body of Christ, ready and willing both to give and receive.