When Peter sees, or at least thinks that he sees that it is Jesus walking across the water towards the boat he cries out, “Lord, if it is you, tell me to come to you across the water!” I think that it is important for us to look at the first portion of his statement – ‘if it is you.’ These words carry with them the implication that Peter has faith in the possibility of miracles when Jesus is involved in the situation. That is, Peter knows that all things are possible for Jesus.

This is an important starting point for any of the endeavours of our own lives. If we attempt them without Jesus, then there is a high degree of possibility that they will go wrong. If we do them with Jesus then we will have a much greater chance of success. Peter sinking into the lake when his focus shifts from Jesus to the wind and waves is every indication that even when we begin something with Jesus there is still the possibility that we might lose Him, for one reason or another, along the way.

We need to learn from the example of Peter that we should keep our eyes fixed on Jesus and not let ourselves be distracted by the developing storms around us. This is not easy but it is what our faith is all about. Either we believe tat Jesus is with us and that He will help us to accomplish His will for our lives or we do not believe this. It is important for us to ‘put our cards on the table’ so to speak and align ourselves with God.

God can work in our lives if we open them up to the Holy Spirit. God is powerless to do anything if we shut ourselves off to His word and Spirit. Peter, to his credit, was willing to step out in faith and go to Jesus. Let us pray that we, too, will have the faith to open our lives up to the infinite possibilities that arise when we have Jesus leading and guiding us.

Am I willing to step out in faith and entrust my life to God or am I more concerned to keep everything under my control? How can learn to grow in trust of God and His will for my life?

Holy Spirit, you constantly call me to a deeper faith response to you. Help me to open my mind and heart to the formative Word of God so that my faith in God might grow.