Jesus is accused of blasphemy by the scribes because they live in a world where there are certain “no –go” areas. One of these areas is that of the forgiveness of sins.  This is the domain of God alone and to enter is to blaspheme or dishonor the person of God. We know that Jesus was sent by the Father for the purpose of breaking down some of the artificial barriers that religion had placed between God and his people. Jesus wants us all to approach God with freedom and to dwell in his presence daily. The Jews had a very strict understanding of who and when was the right time to approach God and such must be done with great care and solemnity.

The freedom of the sons and daughters of God who have placed their faith in Jesus tells a totally different story – we speak of being in dialogue with God daily and seek every opportunity we can find to be close to him. We understand that Jesus has broken down the barriers set up by sin and human beings and thus we are offered a new opportunity to approach our Father in Heaven.

However, we must always be careful that we do not take the blessings of the New Covenant too lightly and thus dishonor God. His friends seek to bring the paralytic into the physical presence of Jesus because they believe wholeheartedly that this will make all the difference for his healing. Have you ever heard of someone removing the roof of the house to gain entry to it to meet someone? Perhaps this is an indication of both the commitment and ingenuity we should be exercising to deepen our faith in Jesus Christ.

Jesus heals the man after he has forgiven his sins. Which is the greater gift? The latter of course but this does not mean that we should forget about the first gift! Let us never be afraid tio bring all of our needs, even those that may have little direct influence upon our faith, to the Lord and ask him to transform them through his power. It is only when we give God the opportunity to move in our lives that he is able to really do his work within us.

Have I truly opened up every area of my life to God or do I still maintain control in some areas?

Lord Jesus, you have made it possible for us all to enter into the presence and throne room of God. Help us to take up this opportunity as often as possible.