1 Kgs 17:1-6   The Old Testament is full of examples of miraculous happenings to servants of God. Here Elijah is fed by the ravens. What a remarkable experience that would have been!  Why does God choose to do things this way? Your guess is as good as mine! Perhaps he wants to draw attention to the fact that he has chosen Elijah for a special mission and thus gives witness to this through such a miracle.

Lord, help me to be able to discern your blessing and gracing of an individual. In this way I will be more attentive to all you want to say to me through them.

Mt 5:1-12        The Beatitudes form the basis of our Christian understanding of the affective life. Here Jesus outlines for us all something of the way we should be seeking to develop the ways in which we relate to others. This is important because as a Christian community God wants us to bear witness to his love for all people. Let us seek to embrace the call to live our lives in imitation of Jesus’ love for us. Let us pray that the values of the Beatitudes will become central to the way we live our daily lives.

Holy Spirit, I know that without your help I will be incapable of living up to the high ideal Jesus calls me to in the Beatitudes. Help me to overcome selfishness and pride as I seek to follow Jesus’ example of life.