It must have been quite an extraordinary experience to meet Jesus. After all, He is the Son of God. Therefore, it is not surprising that Herod is somewhat confused when it comes to trying to work out exactly who He is. The suggestions that He is Elijah or John the Baptist returned from the dead only serve to show how deep the confusion has become in the minds of many. Who is Jesus? I think that this is a still a relevant question today in a world that seems to have little time for both God and the things of God.


In order to be confused or perplexed, Herod must have been seriously questioning himself about the identity of this man, Jesus. Perhaps we can ask ourselves who we think He is, or whom we experience Him to be in our lives? In coming to a deeper understanding of how we experience Jesus will help us deepen our relationship with Him. It may also serve to indicate aspects of our relationship with Jesus that need to be improved.


Most, if not all of the people who encountered Jesus in person were changed forever by the experience. One of the most spectacular encounters was with Saul, originally a persecutor of Christians, but in the end, one of the most eloquent and powerful defenders of the faith. We see in the writings of Paul one man’s attempt to make sense of his encounter with Jesus. His letters are full of speculation about the mysteries of the faith and accounts of His own experience of the work of grace in his life.


Each of us is a potential Paul! Each of us has the ‘raw material’ so to speak, of a life of reflection and contemplation of the mysteries of God. All that remains is for us to take up the challenge and look deeply at the question concerning Jesus’ identity and start to formulate our own answers. We have 2000 years of Church teaching and reflection to help us in our task, so it is not as if we are starting from the beginning. Let us do what we can to add to the Church’s understanding and experience of that man we know as Jesus Christ?


How do I relate with Jesus most of the time or is it a little different every day? Do I have an image of Jesus that I like to return to in prayer because it speaks more powerfully to me than other images?


Lord Jesus, help me to get to know you better. As I spend time with you in prayer, please reveal more and more of yourself so that I can know the best way in which to relate to you. Holy Spirit, reveal to me the truth about Jesus.