This is the classical question of faith that indicates the type of relationship each of us has with Jesus. There is no doubt in my mind that everyone who desires to be a disciples of Jesus must answer this question for themselves and then persevere in ensuring that their lives reflect the answer that they make. There are many aspects to any relationship and the same is true for our relationships with Jesus. Depending on the individual, the focus could be one of many things and that focus will reflect the style and character of one’s relationship with God.


In the same way, our life experiences shape not only our image of God but our character as well. This is important to recognize as it helps us to develop the necessary compassion we need to develop our relationships with one another. If someone grows up without a father-figure in their life due to the death or absence of their father, then they will have difficulty understanding someone who might be talking about the Father’s (God’s) love for his children. We need to be compassionate and wise enough to recognize these sorts of difficulties that we will meet regularly in a life of ministry.


Many of the events that have formative influences on our lives are completely out of our control – they happen to us and are not caused by us in any way, shape or form. This may not sound just but it is a fact of life. By the way, it should enlighten us to the way our actions may unwittingly have an effect upon the lives of others so make us a little more discerning of the moral decisions we make.


Jesus stands before each of us every day and asks us how we want to relate with him. What is your answer to that question?


Holy Spirit, help me to open my heart and mind to the will of God for my life so that I fully understand how he wants to relate to me and thus I will be able to make a better response to him.