Isa 45:6-8, 18, 21-26   Ultimately the Lord has no rivals. He is the supreme creator and commander of all things in creation. There is nothing and no one who can rightly claim any level of authority that remotely approaches His supreme rule. Let us remember that he is so powerful that He can even bring good out of evil situations – and with the level of our sinfulness this is a good thing for us!


Lord Jesus, the Father has given all authority to you. You have demonstrated the power of God through your ministry here on earth. However, by far the greatest demonstration of your power is the resurrection. Help me to live in its power each day of my life.


Lk 7:19-23      Jesus tells the people who come to ask Him whether He is the Messiah to judge for themselves. They know the Scriptures and hence ought to be able to judge whether or not what they see Him doing is what is expected of the Messiah. We too ought to be able to make the same sort of judgement and hence be able to give the correct answer to the question that Jesus posed to His disciples in the Synoptic Gospels, “Who do you say I am?”


Holy Spirit, lead me to the fullness of the truth. Help me to recognize Jesus in the daily events of my life. Help me to understand what it is that Jesus is saying to me through them all so that I will be drawn more deeply into relationship with Him.