To answer the question in the title of this reflection, you and I! None of us are exempt from responding to the calling of Jesus that the harvest of souls lacks laborers. We may have been led to believe that it was the ‘job’ of the priests and religious to be the laborers in the work of the Church but it is not just them, it is all who are baptized; we all share in the duty and privilege to both live and proclaim the Gospel until it reaches the ends of the earth.


The challenge for each one of us is to discover what role we have in this calling as a whole. No one person is going to fulfill the mandate of Jesus to bring the Good News of salvation to all men and women. It will be the combined effort of many that will achieve this goal. The work of the Church in establishing God’s Kingdom is broad and varied and so needs many different gifts and talents. This is why we need to learn how to work together and share the little each of us has and together make the difference that will be necessary to see the Gospel proclaimed to all nations.


In recognizing that each of us is a laborer in the harvest of souls is the same thing as recognizing that we each have something to contribute to that work. The challenge is for each of us to discover and discern how we will best make ourselves useful in the task of bringing the Good News to all men and women. It does not matter what the role is that God has assigned to us; what matters is that we have the humility and obedience to carry it out. Nothing would please the devil more than our refusal to carry out the will of God as any form of disobedience hampers the effectiveness of the Church in its task of evangelization and discipleship.


Yes, some will be given prominent tasks and others less so, however, all are equally important in the long run. A preacher will not be able to effectively proclaim the Gospel if the sound system is not working properly, or people have not been invited to come and hear him speak, or the proper follow-up to an event is not completed.


Have I ever seriously considered what God’s will for my life is? Do I believe that I have something to contribute to the proclamation of the Gospel?


Jesus, what is my role in the work of evangelization? How can I contribute best to the work of your Church in building your Kingdom?