One of the problems that I notice among many is the question of self-identity. Who am I? What am I doing? What is the meaning to my existence here upon this earth? These are all questions of self-identity. I see it among the young, most noticeably. Everyone is making themselves to be someone who they are not. You see it in gender expression. A young man will dress as a woman, feminine and womanly; a young girl finds it difficult to relate with other men, a middle-aged man wears clothing suitable to those half his age. A woman seeks to wear clothing to prove that she is not getting bigger. Everyone gets jealous of the other because they haven’t what the other has! No offence, but you get the point. I once heard a mother tell me that her daughter was wondering if it was good to have brown skin – because all she ever saw was (on TV, films, commercials, advertisements)  that white is better!
One of our answers to this problem of self-identity is to read and read again the scriptures that are full of truth. You will soon find out who you are! You are a beloved son/daughter of God, called to a life of holiness in the Lord Jesus Christ who is your life. Simple truth, yet how often we complicate it (How often have I said these words!)
A favourite Pauline expression in his letters is that of in Christ. We are a people who belong to God in Christ. We are baptised in Christ. We are to live in Christ. I think once we allow this truth to really deepen and take root in our souls, then we really understand the experience of who am I. Moreover, if I know who I am, then I will no longer want to be who I am not! I will be happy to be content with who I am because that is who I am.
The Corinthians, of whom this letter is addressed to (1st reading), need not boast of themselves but in God alone. Paul reminds the people that they were not wise or influential in worldly standards, but in Christ, they are worthy, and citizens of heaven! They are not huge in the eyes of the world, but in the eyes of God, they are great – and this is what counts. In Christ, they are made just, sanctified, and redeemed. It is because of the faith in Christ who suffered, died and rose from the dead that we are alive in Him. Moreover, we have found our self-identity when we come to acknowledge that we are in Christ. We need to pray about this truth and make it an experience of faith. All that we achieved now and ever will are gracious gifts of God, not of our own doing. So we cannot boast. We are to give all the credit and glory to God.

Ask the Lord to confirm who you are in faith. Who am I? Do I believe that I am a son/daughter of the Father?

Father, I thank you for who I am. I am your son/daughter. Show me who I truly am in your sight. Amen