It can be a great disappointment and even a cause for despair, if we discover that something we have invested a large percentage of energies and life into is going to disappear. It is inadvisable to invest too much of ourselves to a thing or cause as it may not even outlast our lifetime! A similar sort of thing can be said of sportsmen and sportswomen. They invest a large portion of their life to training in the hope of wining a gold medal in the Olympic Games, or to break a world record.

Paul warns all Christians to run the race for Christ and the Gospel and not just for a wreath that will wither and die. However, there is nothing inherently wrong with sports or the various causes and things that we invest our lives in. The overall challenge, then, is to find the right balance of commitment to our life in this world and also directed toward the life to come.

The fine stonework of the Temple in Jerusalem was destroyed in 70AD when the Romans levelled Jerusalem for about the eighteenth time in its existence. So much of what we do is here today and gone tomorrow. What this says to me is that we need to make sure that what we are doing is what God wants us to do or we may be very disappointed people when we reach the end of our lives.

God has given each person an individual set of talents and resources with which to live his or her life. For the full effect of God’s plan to be consummated in the world each of us has to do the portion of God’s will assigned to us. When keys are played one at a time on a piano they can make a tune, but when they played as chords the sound is much fuller and more complete. Likewise, each of us has a part to play in God’s cosmic plan, but together we realise it fully.

If we want to know for sure that we are spending our time and effort well then the best bet is with the plan of God for our lives! If we stand apart from His will we may achieve something, but think how much greater that something could be if it is an integral part of His plan for the world. Without God it is a bit like being the best painter in the world but having nobody to admire the paintings. With God the whole of His creation becomes a part of the work and appreciates and benefits from it!

What is the ultimate desire of my life? Is it in accord with the will of God?

Lord Jesus, you knew the importance of following your Father’s will to the letter. Help me to not only realise this too, but to put it into practice. Send your Holy Spirit to guide me in the way of your truth and let me do my bit for the Kingdom of God.