There are times in our lives when we have been, are and will be confronted with a situation that defies any attempt to describe it in words. These moments may not be all that common to our conscious experience. However, I believe, that if we lived more reflective lives, these moments will multiply rapidly! The ability to consciously comprehend moments of awe and wonder is dependent upon stillness and quiet within our soul. What do I mean by all of this?

The times in which we live do not allow individuals to reflect easily. There are so many things we seemingly have to do just in order to keep our heads above water so to speak. This busyness without end is part of the attempt of Satan to distract us from that which is our primary call – namely to BE in relationship with God. In order to be in relationship with God, we need to set aside times in our lives where we can reflect in peace and stillness of soul. Busyness makes this completely and utterly impossible!

We need to convince ourselves, by the grace of the Holy Spirit of course, that it is necessary for us to step outside of the busyness of our daily lives and choose to go away to a quiet place and pray and reflect. Jesus often does this in the Gospels! He knows that it is necessary for His own sanity, let alone His relationship with the Father, to do this on a regular basis. It is only in BEING silent with God and reflecting upon the deeper meaning of our loves that all our DOING in the world has value. If our DOING is not dependent upon our BEING wit God, then our lives may as well be just an endless attempt to overcome the treadmill!

Today’s society is dangerously close to losing its ability to stop and spend time in silence and reflection. As such, it is dangerously close to tearing loose from the anchor of our relationship wit God our Creator.

When was the last time that I went away on a retreat in order to refocus my life upon being with God rather than just the doing of many things? How can I organise my life so that I can have regular times of such reflection?

Holy Spirit, impress upon me the need to reflect more often upon the meaning and direction of my life. Help me to step outside of the world’s agenda for me, and to assert the authority of your word and will for my life.