Lk 12:13-21


When will your time come? We are certain that the day will come when we will die. The question will be: “Did we prepare ourselves well for that day? The parable in today’s readings invites us to answer this question from the point of view of what we have done up until this point of our lives. The man who has a good harvest is so enamored by the harvest and the new wealth it has brought him that he forgets that he is mortal! He loses sight of the fact that there will come a time when he will die and that that time could be very soon. He decides to place his trust in earthly wealth and pays a terrible price for his mistake!


I have spoken to many people in many countries of the world who would seem to me to be making a similar mistake. People who place all their hopes in the success of their business or material things and forget to give God his proper place in their lives do so at the risk of their own destruction. This is not an alarmist statement – it is a simple statement of the truth, and it is a truth we ignore at our own peril.


There are many who say that they do not believe in God and act according to this tenet of their lives. From my point of view this is a very disappointing position to take and one I will do everything I can to try to change, but ultimately a person’s life is their own to live. Many of the problems in the world today are a result of people making very short-sighted decisions that place material pursuits over and above the pursuit of our relationship with God. Of course, people are free to do this, however …


One of the clearest messages in the Scriptures is the call to give the correct priority to our relationship with God in among all the other commitments we have in life. We will need to give this issue constant attention as nearly every influence out there in the world is going to push us away from the thought of heavenly realities and fill our minds and hearts with earthly desires and dreams.


What thoughts and ideas come into my mind when it is idle? Does my mind turn automatically to things of God or the things of the world?


Jesus, help me to order and organize my life so that my mind and heart will be trained to look to God before and above all other things.