It seems quite ridiculous to say that sorrow and weeping can turn into joy. However, it is true. When we consider the death of Jesus on the cross we have a perfect example of this. At first sight the death of Jesus looks to be a disaster. God sent His Son into the world to redeem it from sin and here He is, dead on the cross! This could very easily lead us to tears as we weep for the failure of Jesus’ mission.

After a while we discover that His death is not only victory in disguise, but that He has also risen from the dead! All of a sudden our weeping is transformed into rejoicing! When we discover that the death of Jesus is the event that brings forgiveness to our sins we find ourselves in the awkward position of wanting to both cry and be joyful at the same time! We want to cry and weep because it is our sins that have nailed Jesus to the cross. They are the reason that He died for us. We also want to rejoice because we realise that with the death of Jesus we have been reconciled with the Father!

The cross of Jesus is something of a paradox – evoking all sorts of different emotions and reactions, all of which are quite relevant. The key lesson to be learnt is that we should not just allow our emotions or hearts to be dictated to by the mere appearance of a particular event. We must be willing to seek a deeper meaning and understanding of that event, trusting that God has everything under control.

In the middle of something important it can be difficult to remain detached enough to be able to seek and find the deeper meaning of the event, however, it is one of the roles of the Holy Spirit to help us to do exactly this. The Christian walk is going to be filled with different situations that may at first seem to be disasters. However, with faith, we can trust that whatever is happening to us has a purpose and meaning in the will of God.

The Holy Spirit is always waiting for us to consult Him and ask for His guidance. So often He is left under-employed. Am I guilty of underutilising the gift of the Holy Spirit in my life?

Jesus, you are the only person who has lived a life of perfect union with the Father. Draw me into that relationship so that I will come to a deeper knowledge and experience of your love.