‘Heaven is a wonderful place where you are reunited with all of your family and friends, and the best people are there, and you live in endless pleasure and get to fly like a bird and you get to….’

We have all heard people explain heaven in these terms before. It is always interesting that in these descriptions God seems to be absent. Which is understandable seeing that most people think that God is boring, so why ruin paradise by inviting the boring guy to the party?

We need to remind ourselves that God is heaven. Imagine if you can, all of the love that you have ever experienced in your life. All of the care, compassion, friendship, romance – try to imagine all of this love combined into a big ball of love. Then multiply this by all of the people who have ever lived on earth (some would suggest around 130 billion people) and try to imagine how big this combined love-ball would be. If you placed all of this love on one person at one time, what would happen? We simply would not be able to survive the ecstasy that this experience would bring about.

If God is love (1 Jn 4:8), then this giant human love ball is nothing more than a drop in the ocean compared to the love that is in God. This is what we are waiting for. This is the hope that awaits us.