Every person who has ever lived is different. God has made each of us as unique human beings. Who we are and how we react, our abilities and our talents, our hopes and desires are never exactly the same as anybody else’s. Can you imagine how boring the world would be if we were all exactly the same? It would be pretty boring even if we were all remotely similar! Thank God we are all different!

Each of us is unique and because God created us to be communal people, we all have responsibilities to each other. Not the least of these responsibilities is using the gifts and talents that God has given us for the benefit of not just ourselves but of the whole Christian and human community. I f you do not use the gifts that God has given you, who will? Nobody else is or even can be you, and you certainly cannot be anyone other than yourself. It follows that each of us needs to embrace the gifts and talents that God has given us and use them! It is a waste of time, effort and energy to try to be or do things beyond who we are or the resources that we have.

Jesus knew exactly what His Father’s will for His life was and He simply set out to be obedient to it.  The same ought to be true of each of us. Today’s parable relates the story of a number of men who failed in their stewardship of their master’s goods. Their stewardship came to an abrupt end. So will ours if we fail to use the gifts God has given us. They will atrophy, fade away, to the point that they are no longer retrievable. Then, not only is the individual a loser, but the whole of humanity is as well because the individuals gifts, once lost to him or her are then lost to all!

We have a responsibility to use well what we have been given for the benefit of all. Only in this way will the full splendor and magnificence of mankind be fulfilled. Only then will the Kingdom of God become fully established in our lives.

What are my gifts and talents and how can I use them for the benefit of others? What is gained by being envious of others? Nothing! Why then do I waste time wishing I was someone else or had other people’s gifts?

Lord, St Francis of Assisi suggested that the sin of envy was the sin against the Holy Spirit. Help me to rejoice in the gifts of others and my own as well and work with all for the benefit of all your creation.