There are so many seeming contradictions surrounding the person of Jesus that it is sometimes difficult to know who He is! The last Sunday before the beginning of Advent is always the Feast of Christ the King. The Gospel has Jesus sitting in judgement over all people, dividing the good from the bad. This is an act of a king. Kings sit in judgement over their subjects. But if we look back a bit into the life of Jesus we find that He washed His disciples’ feet! (Jn 13) This is not an act of a king! Or is it?

Perhaps the kingship of Jesus is different to the one that we immediately call to mind. Yes, I think this is the answer. Jesus’ kingship is one of service and humility, not pomp and ceremony. There will be plenty of time for all of those sorts of things in eternity. Jesus only spent about 33 years here on earth and He had to use His time well in order to accomplish His Father’s will. His life, the model all Christians look up to, had to be one that unequivocally spoke of the Kingdom of God. Jesus desired to leave us an example that would speak to all people of all times and of all ranks and classes.

The great ‘leveler,’ so to speak, in all societies is service. I am not speaking here of all the service industries where people receive wages for providing all sorts of services to others. I am speaking of the type of service that is freely given out of love. The only payment that Jesus receives for all that He has done for us is the approval of His Father and the obedience of our hearts and minds to His will.

The kingship of Jesus is not measured in vast properties and enormous monetary wealth. It is measured in the adherence of His followers to the Good News that He spent His life proclaiming. It is measured in the loyalty of the lives of His subjects. The tribute that Jesus demands of us is the obedience of our wills to His will. With this comes the surety of salvation. If our hearts and minds are conformed to His, our lives will imitate His and we will be numbered with the sheep and not the goats on the Day of Judgement! Will we submit ourselves to the plan of God for our salvation?

Has my heart and mind been captured by the love of God? Am I willing to follow Him wherever He might choose to lead me?

Lord Jesus, you ask us to surrender our entire lives to your will. This is our response to your gift of salvation. Help me to see my obedience as an act of love for you rather than a means of earning salvation. Help me to remember that salvation is the gift of a king to His subjects. You are my king; help me to remain loyal to you.