Every one of us has weaknesses and it is at precisely these points that Satan will attack us. This is why it is imperative that we be honest with ourselves so that we can be extra alert when our weaknesses are in play. This is also where being a member of a faith community can be a great advantage because we can share our weaknesses with others and they will help us be vigilant against the works of Satan in our lives. However, if we do not admit our weaknesses, then Satan is laughing as he will be able to attack us there and we will be easily overcome as we are not protecting ourselves form him as we should be.


Jesus tells us that the first will be last and the last will be first. One of the meanings of this saying is as I have outlined above. If we admit our weaknesses we will find that we more readily triumph in the long run. Those who insist on their own greatness, relying too much on their own strength, will discover that eventually they will succumb to the wiles of Satan and the road back will be a long and winding one. The honest and humble person, while perhaps not having such a spectacular array of gifts in play, will be a better bet to make it through the trials and tribulations of the journey of faith.


Another aspect of strength and wealth is that it does not lend itself so easily to entrusting our lives into the hands of God as people like this have gotten used to a lot of self-sufficiency. Self-sufficiency is the arch-enemy of holiness! The work of holiness from the point of view of the individual is the process of surrendering all to the work of the Spirit in our lives. It is not we who are capable of making ourselves holy; we have to rely on God to do that! It is critical that we realize this. Until we surrender everything into his hands we are crippled in our ability to achieve holiness.


Jesus, help me to be honest with myself when it comes to identifying my weaknesses so that I may more readily surrender them to you that you might be my strength in these areas of my life.