It is a common thing today to find someone obsessed with a mission of seeking signs for this or that purpose in order to receive guidance from God as to the decisions that they need to make in their lives. I am sorry to say that much of this is probably a waste of time precisely because of what Jesus tells us in today’s Gospel. Whether the person realizes it or not, and more often than not they do not, all they are really doing is procrastinating, or worse still, delaying their obedience to God in the matter under consideration. In my experience, God does not often use spectacular signs to indicate His will to a person. He tends to work through the natural means available to Him to point someone in one direction or another, the most important being the desire of our hearts (see Psalm 37:4).

Most hesitation in a person’s life when it comes to fulfilling God’s will is a result of a reluctance to really step out and trust that the sense that they already have is indeed the one that God wants them to act upon. Looking for signs is a way of delaying the inevitable or hoping against hope that God does not really want them to do the thing that they already sense deep within! Having said that, God use signs to guide us, though very sparingly! The use of signs would lose its effectiveness if they were available for any and every decision that we have to make! Even in the Scriptures and the lives of the saints it is very rare to find a person who receives many signs from God. If the lives of holy people such as these have relatively few signs in them perhaps this is a sign to us that we should not be expecting that many for ourselves either!

In fact, in the words of Jesus to Thomas, “More blessed are those who have not seen and yet still believe!” Here is where we should be looking for inspiration! It is those who have faith who are the men and women who get things done in their life precisely because they do not waste their time wondering about this and that or procrastinating like Shakespeare’s Hamlet (to be or not to be ..?) If we are always looking for signs we are also wasting precious time to be getting on with the business of the Kingdom of God!

Am I a sign seeker or a doer when it comes to the will of God in my life? If I am the former let me pray about changing and becoming like the latter!

Holy Spirit, strengthen my will to get on with the business of the Kingdom of God in my life. Help me to overcome any reluctance or hesitation to put God’s will into practice. Only help me to grow in prudential judgment so that I do not do anything silly!