Sometimes we can approach a situation and look at it from every aspect except the one that matters most. This most often occurs when we are considering issues of morality. The first place we look for answers is in our feelings, which are notoriously unreliable when it comes to indicating the truth; next we look to all the various so-called experts on our subject, the psychologists, sociologists and so on; then we might try the politicians, the philosophers and anyone else who thinks they should be considered an authority; finally we might look to God and the Scriptures and see what they might have to say to us.

This is all the wrong way around! Jesus tells us that we should start with what God intended for the human person when it comes to questions of morality. His use of the phrase ‘in the beginning’ reminds us that there is an original authority and intention in the creation of human life and we ignore it to our own peril. Unfortunately it seems that today’s society is quite willing to embrace the possibility of peril in its blind search for pleasure and the easy way out of a difficult situation. It is difficult to believe that modern society is interested in truth in the absolute sense of the word as it is always bypassing this quest in the name of relevance and political correctness!

The first challenge we face today is not to rid the world of suffering but to understand why we suffer so that we can address the root causes. This will never be possible unless we are willing to address the truth of what it means to be a human person, created in the image and likeness of God. It is here that are careful study of the first three chapters of Genesis is of absolute necessity. Without this all our study and speculation will be founded upon shifting sands so to speak – different opinions and feelings that have very little to do with the fundamental nature of the human person!

Are we ready to embrace this difficult path ahead and be willing to accept its conclusions? I doubt it at the moment as we seem to be more concerned about levels of pleasure and comfortability than truth!

What is the basis of the moral decisions I make in my life? How do I decide what is right and what is wrong? Where do I look for authority in moral matters?

Father, you have made me in your image and likeness. Help me to embrace this as the truth and to look to your will ‘in the beginning’ to discover the true reality of who I am meant to be.