Let us never forget the answer Jesus gives to the above question as it is the basis of how we should prioritise our lives. We neglect to reflect upon this Gospel encounter to our own detriment and pain. One of the reasons we experience so much disorder and struggle in our lives is that we do not focus them on God. Rather, we focus upon our own limited understanding of what we want out of life. I can assure you now that God’s will for your life will bring far greater fulfilment than anything you could imagine or ask for from him! Do you believe that?

Before you answer the question, think a bit about the structure of your day and where you place your daily prayer time and Scripture reading – is it given priority? Or do you fit it in whenever there is a spare moment. Jesus knew his need for quiet and so goes off into the desert or into the mountains to pray at regular intervals. He does so to maintain his relationship with his Father and his commitment to his Father’s will and not just his own. This is the model for Christian discipleship that we all must take up.

Even the Pharisees and men of the Law in Israel know that love of God must have the priority in their lives, yet so often it was the Law that intervened. Why does this happen? I think it happens simply because one of the tendencies of human beings is to seek to control their environment and in particular the people around them. This is what the focus on the Law helps the Pharisees to do and thus is why they have such a commitment to it – it maintains their authority and governance over the people according to their own ideals so long as they can make them look as though they are coming from the Law of God.

The human heart can be a very deceptive reality. This is why it needs to be placed directly under the guidance of God so that we do not have an intervening reality, in this case the Law, to complicate, confuse or to even hide the true object of our faith, namely God. Let us seek God above all things, even the Law.

Is God the centre of my life? Does he take first priority in all my thoughts and actions? How can I better honour God in all that I do?

Holy Spirit, help me to put aside the temptations of sin so that I can focus my life on responding to your love and will for my life.