When Jesus tells us that the Holy Spirit is going to lead us into the complete truth he means that it is the Holy Spirit who will reveal to us all that we need to know about God in order to become his disciples. The Holy Spirit, the greatest witness to the love between God the Father and God the Son, has been sent to us to draw us into that relationship. It is here that we will experience not just the fullness of truth, but the fullness of life as well!

We have to realise that without the help and grace of the Holy Spirit, most of our human endeavours will not reach their full potential but fall short of what they promise. I am sure that none of us wants second best; in order to get the best out of life we will have to be willing to invite the Holy Spirit to lead us there. The Holy Spirit’s intimate knowledge of God as one of the three persons of the Holy Trinity means that he can do this for us, indeed wants to do this for us; it can even be seen as part of the nature to do this.

It is not easy for us to understand the nature of the relationship between the three persons of the Trinity. What is more important is that we choose to surrender our lives to the call to become a part of that relationship as best we can. This is what the saints are referring to when they talk about coming into union with God. Do we want this for ourselves or not? Do we want to be part pf the ‘greatest team’ ever? Or do we want to struggle against sin and the powers and attractions of the world all our lives. Perhaps we will never be without some level of struggle in our lives, but if we align ourselves with the Holy Spirit, at least we will never be alone in them!

God has given us the Holy Spirit as our power and strength, our truth and encouragement. It is the Holy Spirit who can ensure that we never stray too far from the path that leads to eternal life. Is this what we want? Then you know what you have to d – surrender to the grace of God and the Spirit he sends us as his advocate.

Have I ever really reflected upon the role of truth in my life? Have I taken the time to try and sort out the truth from the fiction in all that I see and hear each day?

Lord Jesus, grant me the wisdom and grace to be able to discern truth from falsity as I seek to follow you as your disciple.