It never hurts for us to ask ourselves the question concerning whether or not we have any responsibility in a given situation. Generally speaking we will have limited responsibility, yet many ways in which we can help in the situation. On the other hand, there will be times when it is up to us to make a move; we will have significant responsibility at these times. At still other times it could be quite ambiguous as to if we have any responsibility. And perhaps the duties that are attached to wealth fall into this last category.

At first thought we may not think too much of the responsibilities wealthy people have to those less well off than they are. This is a mistake as the occasion of wealth is filled with many responsibilities. This fact is derived from the reality that none of us own absolutely anything we may have. Everything we have is a gift from God. Yes, you may have worked hard and long to earn enough money to buy the things you have in your life but this does not change the situation! Everything good we have in our lives is a gift from God and thus carries with it a label, usually unwritten, share me with those who need me the most.

The wealthy people of this world have a responsibility to care for and provide for the poor to at least a limited degree. This means that their wealth must be turned to the purpose of trying to uplift the standing of the poor. A wealthy person who hoards their wealth and fails to use at least the excess to help the poor will be judged heavily like the rich man in today’s parable. I cannot see any other way to read and understand the parable than this. I am not saying that wealth is bad or that people cannot enjoy their fairly earned wealth. However, wealth carries with it a set of responsibilities that the wealthy person ignores to their own peril. There is no point in dying the richest person in the world because you cannot buy a place in heaven.

What do I do with the wealth, however big or small, that I have at my disposal? Do I share what I have with others or do I tend to be selfish and guard what I have very jealously?

Holy Spirit, open my heart bit by bit so that I will become a more generous person. Help me to be able to happily share all that I have with others.