There are all sorts of authorities in today’s world that claim to be sources of wisdom. Are they truly such, or are they merely pretenders placing the crown of wisdom on their own heads without any real objective reference point? Generally speaking I think the latter is more likely to be the case! We live in a world where there is very little attention given to objective moral truth or argumentation unless it is to reject it as “old fashioned and past its use-by date!”  This is very unfortunate, especially when it comes to the moral life for unless there are absolute moral values that we can all rely upon, then there is no such thing as a morality that is binding upon all.

People today tend to want to be their own source of authority on virtually everything that affects them. Unfortunately this is not conducive to either seeking wisdom or the recognition of it once it is discovered. In fact, it is merely a recipe for emotive arguments that are based in a person’s feelings that more often than not lends itself to erroneous judgments regarding truth.

It is obvious from what I have just written that I am a firm believer in objective moral truths, and by the way, the relevant truths that relate to any independent sphere of study, and thus believe that there is wisdom to be learnt. This wisdom is immutable and available to all who are willing to make the effort to sort it out from the multitude of erroneous positions presented to us by society and individuals. True wisdom consists in coming to the understanding of the truth inherent in any aspect of our lives or the world; inherent because it is there as essential to its existence. That is, God placed the truths relevant to human persons and the ways of the universe in their respective beings when he created them all.

We do not create wisdom – rather we come to an understanding of it. Even so-called breakthroughs in science or any sphere of study does not create wisdom, but reveals what has always been there but hidden through error, sin or something else that caused us to be unable to recognize the truth.

Whom or what do I consider to be sources of wisdom in my life? Are these people or things truly worthy to be considered sources of wisdom?

Father in Heaven, from whom all truth comes, help me to open my mind to the truth of the Holy Spirit so that he can lead and guide me in your ways every day of my life.