Some of the things that we need to look at in our spiritual lives on a regular basis are the attitudes that underlie the ways in which we relate with others. So often the success or failure of a particular relationship is virtually determined before a word is ever spoken between two people. Consider the situation where there is a conflict between two people or groups of people. If one side of the conflict comes to the other with an attitude of arrogance and self-righteousness it will be virtually impossible to resolve the conflict. However, if both sides are willing to talk about the dispute in humility and desiring a truly peaceful resolution, there is a much greater chance that this will be the outcome.

Jesus outlines for us some, I repeat some, this list is not exhaustive, of the attitudes that we should cultivate as Christians. If we study them individually, which we do not have the space to do here, we will discover that each of them requires a willingness to submit ourselves to a process of learning and growing in order to attain it. This means that they are not going to develop in our lives unless we take a stand against the sins and vices that constitute their opposites. It also means, in line with the first of the beatitudes, that humility is a key to their growth. Without humility it is virtually impossible to submit our lives to the grace of the Spirit and allow Him the necessary latitude in our lives to develop these wonderful gifts.

Jesus, life is a picture-perfect copy of living the beatitudes to the full. The lives of the saints are good role models for us. However, no amount of inspiration will substitute for the necessary perspiration that we will have to sweat if we are going to attempt to live our lives governed by the these attitudes of beatitude! Christian living is hard work but if we keep our eyes fixed on the goal of eternal life, I believe that we will be able to find the necessary encouragement to keep us persevering in the things and ways of God.

Hopefully, with prayer and encouragement from those around us in our Christian Communities we will have an environment conducive to the growth of grace in our lives. Let us be inspired by the examples of others’ holy lives and seek to be an example for those who look up to us in the spiritual life.

Is my life a suitable example of Christian living to those who might look to me for inspiration in their spiritual lives?

Holy Spirit, it is not easy to be a disciple of Jesus. Help me to find within my, according to the gift of grace that has been given to me, the strength and inspiration to humble myself before God and others in order to grow in holiness and faith.