The “eye of a needle” was the phrase used to describe the entrance into the city. The gateways were very narrow that even a camel had to bend on its four legs in order to enter into the city. Hence, Jesus used this figure of speech that it easier for a camel to enter the needle’s eye than a rich man to enter the Kingdom of God. The response of Jesus comes after the rich young man departs from Jesus company, sad, because of his great wealth. Why then is it hard, or with great difficulty, for the rich to enter? Surely all are included in the kingdom of God. The answer lies in the sense of attachment that those with great wealth have, to hold onto, in regards to material wealth. A great responsibility is upon the rich to share the resources and not be so possessive in their riches –all is given by God to them in the first place.
All things are possible for God. These very words are the same ones addressed to Mary at her Annunciation, by the angel. The Lord calls us to some very demanding challenges in our lives. Mary was called to believe in the message of the angel; Joseph was called to trust in Gods ways, the disciples were called to follow Jesus, leaving everything behind. There is great joy in following Jesus, but not without cost and sacrifice. That is why Peter comments by these very honest words – words that we often find ourselves asking the Lord- what about us? What about us? They may seem very selfish. Look, Lord, what I have done for you! Lord, Look at what price I have paid! Lord, look at me! What about me? What do I get out of all this? And Jesus in all his love and kindness says you will be given more. The Lord provides.
It is true that the Lord does provide to those who have follow him. I can testify to the Lord’s provision in my life. Since following him, I have never been more richer! He blesses us with beautiful friends, support from those on the same walk of faith. He blesses us with shelter, food and clothing. He blesses us with skills and abilities to work and enjoy life with the things He has given. The Lord provides –more than we can hope for and imagine – even everlasting life!
Perhaps we need to ask Peter’s question to the Lord – what about me? And you will see what the Lord has done for you. In fact, as you begin to count your blessings, you will be astonished that your God is loving and kind in all your ways. Trust in him and lean not on your own understanding.

What has the Lord done for you in your life?

For all you have given me Lord, I thank you. Help me Lord to acknowledge your goodness and provision in my life. Amen