We have all probably heard the old saying, “The road to hell is paved with good intentions.” We would do well to reflect upon it for a moment this Easter. Far be it from to accuse anyone of anything in this regard as I am probably among the biggest subscribers to the Association of Those Who Have Many Good Intentions but Fail to Carry Them Out! It is all very well to intend to good, like Peter in today’s Gospel, but, as they say, ‘the proof of the pudding is in the eating!’ In other words, have we the courage and commitment to see the good intention through to the end in the right way.

The moral teaching of the Church is that for an act to be morally good there are three necessary requirements – if one of them is lacking then the action as a whole lacks moral goodness. The three requirements are that the act be objectively good; the intention be subjectively good and the circumstances for the act be appropriate or suitable. For example, it would be entirely inappropriate to have a lavish birthday celebration in the midst of extreme poverty without giving proper attention to the plight of the poor first.

However, we want to focus here on the transformation of an intention into reality. It is easy to intend to do well; it is far more difficult to actually do well! It is in this process that we discover the level of commitment of an individual to his/her faith and their willingness to make the necessary sacrifices in order to see their intentions through to the end. It was not easy for Jesus to accept that the Father was calling for Him to die on a cross. We will reflect upon Jesus’ anguish at the decision He had top make to submit to His father’s will on Friday. It is this sort of commitment that we are called to embrace every day as we seek to bring to fruition the call God has on our lives.

How committed am I to bringing to fruition my intentions and the plans God has for me in my life?

Lord Jesus, help me to walk with you in your Passion to be able to draw strength from you when I need it most in my own struggles.