1 Kgs 21:17-29           Ahab has been found out and even though he was not the one who wrote the letters and engineered the sin he is an accomplice in it as he was aware of what was going on and did nothing about it! We not only have a responsibility to avoid sin ourselves but also to help others avoid sin as well. If I do nothing to stop someone cheating on an exam and I know what they are doing and it will affect others then I am complicit with the sin and at least partially responsible.

Jesus, help me to not only set a good example for others with the witness of my life, but to strive to help others where possible avoid sin in their lives as well.

Mt 5:43-48 Jesus is very clear – there are certain aspects of our relationships with others that are pre-moral or are given in that we are simply being hospitable and human towards one another. Our Christian witness comes when we go beyond the call of duty and demonstrate love that speaks of greater commitment than just the fellowship of humanity. This is how we should seek to live our lives – doing the little things of life well and going a little further than we have to in care and love of our neighbor.

Holy Spirit, there are some people that I simply just do not get along with and have no attraction that draws me to them. Help me to overcome my feelings with the decision to love and so live the Christian faith I claim to follow.