2 Tm 1: 1-3. 6-12        One of the first things Paul does is remind Timothy to fire up his faith. Paul knows that it is there but it seems to have waned a little over time. This can happen to us all and so perhaps Paul’s reminder to Timothy is a wake up call for us as well. Let us never forget that our faith should be kept burning brightly in our lives and not allowed to fade to an ember that is in danger of being snuffed out.

Jesus, you never neglected your prayer time with your Father. It did not matter how busy you were you always made time for prayer. Help me to have the same sort of commitment to prayer in my life so that my faith will not burnt out.

Ps 123: 1b-2ab. 2cdef

Mk 12: 18-27 Jesus reminds his listeners that the life of the resurrection is not defined by the same sorts of limitations and structures we have on earth. We need to open our minds to a different sort of existence that will be solely focused upon our love of God and it will only be through that love that we are in relationship with others. We will be totally fulfilled by our love for and from God and our friendships with other human beings will be a part of this reality and no longer exclusive but all inclusive in nature.

Jesus, I know that there are some aspects probably even most, of the resurrection that are a bit beyond my understanding. Help me to accept this with grace and leave such in your hands.