Sir 48:1-14      The Prophet Elijah is obviously a well known and well loved figure of Jewish history. I can just imagine the stories that parents would tell their children about the wonder of such a man. We all need heroes to inspire us to go beyond our natural call of duty. We need people who are ‘larger than life’ to get us to look beyond the ordinary and seek the extraordinary in what we do.

Jesus, thank you for the gift of the saints. They have always been an inspiration to me and I pray they will continue to call me deeper in my love and service of your kingdom.

Mt 6:7-15 Prayer is time when we bring our cares and concerns before God in an ordered and deliberate fashion. There is a time to rejoice and sing the praises of God; there is a time to meditate upon his word; there is a time to intercede for the needs of the Church and so on. Prayer is the mot basic aspect of our relationship with God and we need to take it seriously or we will discover that we fall out of relationship with Jesus very quickly.

Jesus, help me to remain faithful to my daily prayer time with you. Whether it is short or long I pray that I make it always a quality time of relating with you.