Zep 3: 14-18a or Rom 12: 9-16           Mary goes to visit Elizabeth in order to do what she can to help her in her pregnancy. It is highly likely that she needs help as she was way past childbearing years when she fell pregnant! First it is Mary’s obedience to God that attracts our attention to her and now it is her selflessness. Any study of her life is like a course in how to live as a Christian – Class: 101.


Mary, pray for me that the conviction you knew as a follower of Jesus will grow in me so that I will never doubt that following God’s will is the only way to eternal life.


Lk 1: 39-56     Mary’s role in the work of salvation is unique. No one will ever bear the Son of God in their womb again. Yet, we are all called to bear the Son of God to the world through the lives we live – wherever we happen to be, whatever we happen to be doing and however we can do it. Let us seek to grow in the understanding of the mission God has for each one of us so that we will be better able to fulfill it.


Jesus, you were obedient to your Father’s will. Help me to follow it as well. Grant me the grace to know his will and to live it every day.