Vigilance is an essential and often forgotten aspect of our walk of faith. If we fail to be vigilant Satan will find it very easy to infect our lives with his lies and lead us astray from the truth. Vigilance is primarily a function of prayer and reading the Scriptures and any other sort of true spiritual formation as being grounded fully in the truths of our faith is the best defence against the lies of Satan.

It takes a lot of effort to develop a truly vigilant lifestyle that will protect us against the lies of sin. The best place to begin is with a committed prayer-life. If we pray daily and truly allow God to form our hearts in His ways we will have begun to develop a protection against temptation. If we further this with meditating on the Word of God in the Scriptures we will reinforce all that the Spirit of God is teaching us in prayer. If we then add the Teachings of the Church to this we will soon develop an impenetrable armour to the fiery darts and lies of Satan. The only way that armour will be pierced is if we choose to let down our guard and allow him in!

Another aspect of vigilance is preparing ourselves for the Second Coming of Christ. Our faith is meant to be active, that is, we should always be seeking ways in which we can put our faith into action and live it out on a daily basis. In this way we both present a living witness of the truth to the world and we prepare our lives to welcome Jesus when He comes again.

We should not develop an unhealthy focus on the Second Coming which would lead us to seeking times and dates. Suffice it to say it will happen. For all intents and purposes the latest date for the Second Coming is our death as after that time we no longer can choose to change our way of life. When we die that is it as far as preparing for eternal life is concerned. Let us make every moment of our lives count as we prepare for the gift of eternal life.

Have I established a regular and healthy practice of praying daily ands meditating upon the Word of God? If not, what am I going to do to put these things in place in my life?

Father, you gently call me to yourself every day. Let me hear your call and grant me the grace to consistently respond to it.