1 Thes 4: 9-11 There will always come a time when we will be tempted to draw attention to something we have done or achieved for the Lord. Don’t do it! Let the glory rest where it should rest (with the Lord) and allow yourself to save your reward for heaven! This is what the true disciple will do as he knows it is useless to gain the acclaim of men if it means losing that of God.

Jesus, teach me the path of true humility so that in all that I do the glory goes to God and never to me.

Mt 25: 14-30 Use your gifts to give glory to God. If we follow this principle we will never stray far from the road that leads top the Kingdom of God. People who fail to follow this principle, and they are so obvious and so many that I do not need to name them, very easily fall into the traps of the world and sin. Lives of excess in just about everything we can imagine are plentiful in today’s world – multiple spouses, excessive drinking, drugs and other vices, violence and sexual impropriety of all kinds to name but a few. Is this the sort of life you want to live?

Jesus, help me to see and follow the right path in life so that I can avoid the pitfalls of sin as much as is humanly possible.