There are very few things more destructive to a community than a lack of unity within its ranks. It does matter how talented individuals in a sporting team may be, if they are unable to work together they are likely to lose the game. Teamwork, the ability to work together and complement one another is the key to any community’s success. Consequently, one of Satan’s     prime objectives is to divide a community and so conquer it and render it useless for the Kingdom of God.

I can hear the emotion and feeling in Paul’s heart as he writes to the Philippians imploring them, at virtually all costs, to retain the unity of spirit necessary to survive as a Christian community.    All too often I have seen Christian communities splinter into factions and split apart from one another. This is not the will of God. God has not, does not and nor will He ever will a split in the community of His faithful. Splits have, are and will occur in the future, and God can use them to bring about good. However, I cannot believe that God would will a split in the Body of His Son in order to bring something about. I am sure that there is a less destructive way for it to occur.

The very nature of the Holy Spirit is to bring unity to the Body of Christ, therefore, He can hardly be said to will and bring about division within it. I am not about to apportion blame to either of the sides in the many well-documented splits in the history of the Church. Let it be sufficient to say that there is sin on both sides. One may start an argument, but it takes two to continue it!

Division and disunity in the Body of Christ is probably the greatest scandal in the Church today. That Christians are unable to work together for the Kingdom of God says that there are some fundamental things wrong in the relationships between the various Christian Churches. We need to pray and work for unity so that the witness of the gospel we give to the world is without fault and not a source of scandal to others. Only in this way will the full force of the gospel be experienced throughout the world.

Do I pray for the unity of all Christians every day? If I do not, then maybe I should resolve to do it from now on!

Lord Jesus, I am sure that you weep over the divisions in your Body the Church! Help me to be an instrument of reconciliation and unity. Teach me how to heal the wounds of division in my family, community, parish and Church so that the witness I give will inspire others to do the same.