The more I reflect upon the gift and mystery of the Eucharist, the more convinced I become that we do not fully comprehend the magnitude and magnificence of the gift. As a means of remembrance and celebration of all God has done for us it is without peer among all the religions of the world. Nothing comes close in comparison with the Eucharist. Even the Jewish Passover Feast lacks the realism of the Eucharist. Yet we as Catholics often fail to recognise the beauty and wonder of what God has given us in the Eucharist.

I am not going to try and explain Eucharistic theology in 300 words or less; all I want to do is challenge us to reflect upon the passages in Scripture that can help us grow in our appreciation of what God has given us. Today’s Gospel speaks about the reality of the real presences and our call to receive it into our bodies by eating – by chewing on it. While we are literally called to chew, spiritually we are called to reflect often upon what God offers us in the Eucharist as a remembrance, celebration and reception of His gift of salvation. It is not enough to ‘attend Mass,’ we must participate in its celebration and actively seek and receive the graces God wants to pour into our lives. Mass should not be a passive experience but one where all our sense are at heightened alert in case God chooses top speak to us in whatever way or form He may choose!

The Eucharist is the remembrance of all God has done for us and is thus a call to rejoice and give thanks to God for His love and mercy in forgiving us our sins and calling us back into the ambit of His love and grace-filled existence. There is no doubt in my mind that today we need to rediscover more of the solemnity of the Mass in order to help us move into a place of awe and wonder at what God has done. When we fail to stand in awe of God we bring Him down to our level and thus do not allow Him to be truly God of our lives. Yes, God is our friend and brother but He is also God Almighty, Creator of the heavens and the earth!

How can I celebrate the Eucharist with greater awareness of the mystery I am celebrating and calling into my life?

Lord Jesus, thank you for the gift of the Eucharist. I pray for the grace to remain in awe of this gift all the days of my life.