Is 35:1-10        Wherever we look in the world there is a lot of suffering. One of the great struggles of humanity is trying to understand suffering and draw forth some good from it. At the same time we try to apportion blame for the suffering. We also look for hope or at least signs of hope in the midst of it all. This is where the Christian comes into the picture in that we have a basis for the hope that we proclaim that is founded upon the suffering and vindication of the Son of God. Only through Jesus does suffering find meaning. Let us pray that our lives will be beacons of hope in the midst of a suffering world.


Lk 5:17-26      Many of the miracles of Jesus alleviated suffering in the lives of those whom He healed or delivered from evil possession. Jesus does not want people to have to suffer. At the same time suffering can help to build character within a person. A lot of this depends upon the attitude and faith of the individual in question. Some of the holiest people I have met have been people who suffer greatly. Suffering does not have to be a hindrance to either faith or holiness. It all depends upon how we approach it, whether we do so with faith in God or without it.