Jos 24: 1-2a. 15-17. 18b Joshua tells the people that he has made his decision to follow the Lord in all things. He challenges them to do the same. This is only the first step! Living out such a commitment will prove to be far more difficult than any of them realised. The temptations to mediocrity and compromise are many and they come unrelentingly! Let us never give up but persevere in faith all our days.

Jesus, you knew the temptation to give up in the Garden. Yet, you dug a little deeper by crying out to your Father for help and thus found the necessary inspiration to continue the path of our redemption. Thank you for your commitment. Help me to be inspired by it such that I will never waver again in my commitment to being your disciple and following you wherever you may lead me.

Jesus, come to my help when temptation is about to get the better of me. Give me that little bit extra inspiration that will enable me to remain faithful to your call.

Eph 5: 21-32 or Eph 5: 2a. 25-32 Any relationship will require a mutual ‘giving way’ to one another. No one is the absolute ‘boss’ of any relationship. Yes, parents may have the final say over the decisions of their children but even here a good parent will realise this is not really meant to be a position characterised by power and control but one of service and teaching. The best exercise of authority is always as a service to others.

Holy Spirit, inspire the leaders of the Church to greater lives of service such that the witness of their leadership will be one that truly inspires and does not disappoint.

Jn 6: 60-69 I love the response of Peter here when he states that in having followed Jesus for the past three years they have nowhere else to go. There is not just a sense of the faith they have in Jesus being expressed here but also the fact that they have ‘burnt their bridges’ so to speak, and thus truly have nowhere else to go. As the British are want to say, “in for a penny; in for a pound!” That is, having given as much as they have they cannot turn back to their old lives any more!

Jesus, help me to be as committed as the apostles are to the proclamation of the Gospel. They were martyred for their beliefs (apart from St John); may I be willing to follow in their footsteps!