Is 25: 6-10a The promises of God of a good life for those who are faithful to him never lack generosity. They are always very attractive! I wonder why it seems to be so simple for people to ignore them and continue in their ways of sin? It is one of the paradoxes of the life of faith that we will probably never fully understand. Perhaps it is because they are ‘gift’ and not earned that is a factor in this – we do not naturally trust promises that do not rely upon our having earned the reward.

Holy Spirit, Help me to be humble enough to accept that the promise of eternal life is a gift and something that I cannot even hope to earn.

Phil 4: 12-14. 19-20 Paul affirms that the life of discipleship will embrace both good times and trials. We need to be prepared for both. God will not intervene in the life of the faithful such that they never suffer trials and difficulties. He will give us the grace to endure and overcome them, but he will not banish them form our lives. As disciples of Jesus we need to prepare ourselves for the whole range of human experiences as we seek to do his will.

Jesus, grant me the grace of perseverance so that nothing I encounter in my life will be able to deflect my attention from remaining obedient to your will.

Mt 22: 1-14 Why would we ever ignore the invitation of God to enjoy a meal with him. In other words, is there anything that should stop us from responding to God’s will in our lives? That is, given that salvation is a free gift from God, what do we have to fear from any other invitation he make to us? Yes, we may receive a call to a role in his Kingdom that may not be our first choice, however, we need to remember that his will is the perfect will for our lives. Are we willing to trust God with our lives?

Holy Spirit, help me to overcome any doubts that arise in my walk of faith with God. Help me to trust that God’s will is the perfect will for my life.