Jer 38: 4-6. 8-10 Jeremiah’s days are numbered because he continues to speak out against the Jewish leadership. He has upset them and just like Jesus in 500 or so years, they are determined to kill him in order to silence him. Jeremiah gets thrown down a well and ultimately survives! What is even more amazing is that his experience does not silence him. He is a true prophet who will always be committed to proclaiming the truth no matter what the consequences might be for him.


Jesus, you were put to death for proclaiming the truth. Help me to be a beacon of truth for the world today if only through the witness of my life, that will be enough for me.


Heb 12: 1-4 Keeping one’s eyes fixed on the goal is essential if one is going to achieve success. This is just as true with our faith as it is in the consumer world. As men and women of faith we should know that we have all the saints in heaven on our side interceding for us as we seek to join them in heaven. With their help and Holy Spirit strengthening our desire to persevere in discipleship, salvation becomes a distinct possibility.


Jesus, help me to keep you in my sight in just the same way as the saints of the Church have over the last 2000 years.


Lk 12: 49-53 Jesus knows that he has a mission that will involve suffering, indicated here with his mention of the baptism he must undergo. Baptism is a sacrament of decision, a moment of conversion and commitment to a new way of life. Likewise the proclamation of the Gospel forces people to make a choice between following God or not. It is when family members differ in this choice that families will be divided three against two etc.


Jesus, help the witness of my life convince those who are closest to my heart of the truth of the Gospel. May they all come to faith in you.