1 Jn 5: 5-13 Each of us has these three witnesses at work in our lives helping us to be disciples of Jesus. Jesus’ blood, shed on the cross, washes us free of our sins and protects us from evil; the waters of baptism symbolize this cleansing and bring us into the new life of a disciple of Jesus; and the Holy Spirit has been given to us at Baptism to empower us with his gifts so that we can serve God in his Kingdom.

Holy Spirit, never let me doubt that I am loved by God. Help me to remain faithful to being his disciple and grant me the strength to always be obedient to his will.

Lk 5: 12-16 Why do we ever doubt that God desires the best for us. Yes bad, and even evil things happen, but these are not inflicted upon us by God they are the result of our sins! Let us give God the so-called ‘benefit of the doubt’ and start with a positive image of his involvement in our lives. If we do this I believe that we will begin to see more clearly the way his hand works in our lives protecting us from worse things and worse evil! The Scriptures affirm without exception that God is good and desires the best for us.

Holy Spirit, help me to put aside any doubts as to God’s goodness in my life so that I will be better able to concentrate on the many good things there and increase them rather than the doubts!