TRUST IN THE LORD        Isa.38:1-8, 21-22

Hezekiah was a godly king who reigned about 30 years. He often sought God in prayer, and Like Solomon of old, he too was wise in his governing and won the hearts of many to his support. The kingdom under the reign of Hezekiah, flourished with great abundance and blessings from the Lord. He called the people to trust in the Lord. He removed the pagan shrines that had been erected in the Temple and made a great contribution to his nation as King. He truly walked in the footsteps of the kings of old – being a true shepherd-king to those under his domain. The pagan king, Sennacherib of Assyria, was hell-bent on destroying the lives of the people, persuading Hezekiah to join force with him. Hezekiah never gave up but trusted in the Lord

God is a God of promises. The cry of the poor and vulnerable Hezekiah found its way to the “heart” of God because of its sincerity and genuineness. God had promised always that the son of David will rule the House of Israel. Hezekiah who had no son at this time, although trusted in the Lord, that he would provide for him a son to carry through the royal blood of his ancestor David. Hezekiah’s faithfulness and wholehearted commitment to the LORD was not unnoticed but God took into account the godliness of the king.

On the death bed Hezekiah makes known his request. Remarkably and miraculously, the LORD adds 15 years to his life. He is healed from his illness in order to put things into place for succession to the throne. Hezekiah worked hard establishing political ties with Egypt and Babylon forming political stability. Construction was put in progress to establish security and wealth for a nation so bullied from former forces. The Lord gave him a lease of life and Hezekiah humbly accepts the favor of the Lord

Our lives are a gift to us from the Lord. We are to live well, according to his commands and promises. We are to be good steward of the life, talents and responsibilities given us. God looks on favor to the one who acknowledges him in all their ways. Like Hezekiah we too have a part to play in establishing our life and bring it into order. We do not know the hour of our death. The psalmist states, Lord let me know the shortness of life that I may gain wisdom of heart (ps.39). Hezekiah was on his death bed when the LORD answered his pleading and was spared his life to do well. We too must look to the Lord who gives us the days of life and light. We are to use them well

Where do I need to bring order in to my life? What things are demanding my attention?
Am I a good steward of all God has given me? Am I responsible in my life as a Christian?

Father, I thank you for my life you have given me.  I bless you all the days of my life.  I offer my life to you; use it for your glory. Amen