Jas 3: 13-18 One of the signs of true righteousness is peace. This makes a lot of sense because love, the basis of righteousness, is always going to be working for enduring peace in the world. If we examine all the fruits of the Spirit I think we will see that they all contribute to peace in one way or another. This means that if we work for true peace in our relationships and within our communities we will automatically be growing in love and righteousness as well.

 Jesus, help me to follow your example of love so that I may work for peace in the world and in all of my personal relationships as well.

 Mk 9: 14-29 Prayer is an important part of our faith. It is essential to harnessing fully the graces God has given us all. The grace of God is rarely something that benefits the individual alone – it is to be shared with others in some way or another. Even if a particular grace is personal, my resultant personal growth in embracing the grace will benefit those around me as it will change me for the better.

 Jesus, help me to recognize and act upon the fact that more often than not the graces you bestow upon my life can be shared with others.