We live in a world where many people seek to make a name for themselves within the context of the world. This may or may not be a good thing depending on the circumstances around their quest. One thing that can be known for sure is that making a name for ourselves in the world is not the same thing as making a name for ourselves in the Kingdom of God. There are very different criteria surrounding these two quests. In some ways it might be easier to achieve the latter rather than the former! This may sound like a crazy thing to say but from the point of view of a disciple of Jesus I think it is true! Let us consider this proposition.


The Gospel today tells us that the primary basis of greatness in the Kingdom of God is obedience to the will of God. Now we all know that it is impossible to be obedient to God without the help of His grace, but with His grace all things are possible. We also know that whatever God asks us to do will be accompanied by the necessary grace with which to do it. So, in a certain sense, we can see that it is possible for all of us to achieve greatness in the Kingdom of God, and that primarily by relying upon the grace that God gives us in the first place! Could there be anything fairer than that sort of a deal?


I know that you are all protesting that it is not as easy as all that! It is profoundly difficult to be obedient to God’s will in all things. However, there are times when I think that we might be fooling ourselves in this regard. Is it all that difficult to be obedient to God’s will? Why do we find it so hard to do this? I think that one of the reasons that we find obedience to God’s will so difficult is that we listen to closely to the desires of our flesh as it screams out to us for pleasure without regard for the costs involved. This can be largely traced back to the influence of the world upon our daily decisions but this is not an excuse for us to put aside the call of the will of God as something too hard or too foreign to the lifestyles around us in the world! This is precisely what it means to be a disciple of Jesus and make a stand for the truths of the Gospel over and against the influences and lies of the world.


What has the greater influence on my life – the Gospels or the world around me? Am I truly living a life that is a witness to Gospel truth over and against the lies of the world?


Holy Spirit, I need your help and strength to grow in my conviction regarding the truth of the Gospel, particularly in the moral arena of my life. Help me to stand for the truth and so give a Christian witness to all whom I meet.