Expectations are often funny sorts of things. That which we expect does not occur ad the least expected turns out to be the reality! When we are dealing with god, I think, we should learn to expect the unexpected! From a philosophical point of view this may not seem to make much sense as the unexpected becomes what we expect and vice versa. It then would seem that to expect anything is impossible! However, we know and believe that our God is the God of the impossible!

It is quite natural to expect that the smartest person in the class is going to be the one who comes up with the right answer first. This probably will not happen all the time, but most of the time it will. Consequently, when Jesus tells us that it is the ‘babes’ or ‘little ones’ who are the recipients of the greatest revelations about the nature of God we are surprised. Maybe we should not be so much surprised but galvanized into action! What is it that makes the ‘little ones’ so receptive to God’s blessings? When we have answered this question for ourselves we must seek to put into place the answers so that we too will share in this great revelation.

One of the keys to the ‘little ones’’ openness is their simplicity, humility and willingness to accept the truth without argument. I can remember my childhood enough and particularly my relationship with my parents to lament the degree to which I have lost something of these aspects of my life. In many ways I see the walk of Christian discipleship as a journey trying to reestablish these three things, along with many others of course, in my life.

Blessedness in the Christian life is not dependent upon ability and gifting! It is dependent upon having a heart and mind that are supple in the hands of the Spirit of God. It is not so much a matter of having to understand everything down to the last dotted ‘i’ and crossed ‘t’, but of being open to and accepting of God’s will for our lives. John Paul II constantly returns to the theme of ‘obedience to the truth of Christ as the greatest expression of freedom’ in his writings. If we can understand this truth and fully submit our lives to it, then there will be no blessedness of God that we will not know!

How do I make obedience to God’s will the foremost priority of my life?

Jesus, I want to be blessed by you in all things. Help me to open up my life to the truth you are and proclaim so that I may be drawn more deeply into relationship with the Triune God.