It does not matter how long we spend meditating on the mystery of the relationships in the Holy Trinity; we will never be able to fully understand them. The perfection of the three relationships is beyond our human experience. Take for example the statement of Jesus in today’s Gospel: “Everything the Father has is mine.” This is a very simple statement of a very simple truth, but how very difficult it is to live out! To hold ALL THINGS in common is not an easy task because implied in such a concept is the renunciation of any sense of individual ownership. The Father, Son and Spirit retain their own identities, however, they hold nothing back from each other in their Triune relationship as God. Husband and wife imitate this sort of selflessness in marriage, as do parents with regard to their children, however, there is usually a few things that are held back.

Rarely if ever, do these relationships approach anywhere near the perfection present in the Trinity. I do not mean to be judgemental when I say this. I am just presenting the truth as I see it. The daily battle we have with sins of all kinds virtually ensures that there is nearly always a certain amount of selfishness in our relationships. This, then, is the challenge for us. As we gaze upon the mystery of the Triune God and seek to get to know Hum more deeply, we are challenged to reflect upon our earthly relationships and the need to have them in good order so that we can approach the majesty and splendour of our God. This is not to say that we are unable to approach God until we are perfect. Think of it like this: When you are going out to an important meeting you normally spend a bit getting nicely dressed. It is the same as we approach God. We find we need to prepare not our eternal appearance, but the state of our heart! God looks within us to see what we are really like. As Isaiah says: “God hears prayers of the man with a humble and contrite spirit; who trembles at His Word.” Let us look at our hearts and see whether they are in a fit state to approach our holy and almighty God. When was the last time I did an examination of conscience focussing upon all my relationships? How much priority do I give to setting right any problems I have in my relationships? Father, Son and Holy Spirit, you three are the perfect example of what it means to live in community. You are unity personified. Teach me and grant me the grace to live in union with all those around me so that my life will more perfectly reflect yours every day.