Dn 7: 9-10. 13-14 The Feast of the Transfiguration is one whereby we are reminded of the divinity of Christ and that his proper place is with the Father in all his glory in heaven. We should avoid becoming too familiar with the things of God such that we no longer fully respect the true identity of Christ. Yes, Jesus wants us to relate to him as his brother but this does not mean that we should forget that he is also our God!

Jesus, help me to know you better through prayer and meditation upon your word. Help me to open my heart more fully to the Scripture’s transforming power.

2 Pet 1:16-19 Peter recounts his experience of the Transfiguration of Jesus to his readers. What a tremendous privilege those who met Jesus personally experienced! There are times that I wish that I had been one of them. But then I remember the many blessings I have received in my life and I am satisfied with living in the twentieth and twenty first centuries after Christ’s birth. I wonder what it would really be like to have a life expectancy of less than 50years, no electricity let alone no cell phones, gameboys etc!

Jesus, teach me how to be happy and satisfied with what I have in life rather than to be forever longing for more! Jesus, thank you for your many blessings in my life.

Lk 9: 28b-36 As Jesus converses with Moses and Elijah, I wonder what the three apostles were thinking and talking about? I think I would be too stunned to say anything! Perhaps this is a natural reaction when confronted with the glory of Go, however, Jesus also wants us to approach him as a friend and confidante. Let us never forget either the glory due to our God, nor his desire to be in relationship with us all!

Holy Spirit, open my heart to the truth of Jesus’ desire for a relationship with me and help me to respond generously to him.