Don’ you love to try and picture yourself soaring like an eagle, effortlessly and with great majesty, over the landscape below? I do, often. So often we allow ourselves to take on all sorts of burdens and troubles that we do not really have to take on in the first place! We can do this out of a misplaced sense of responsibility or even just an over-eager desire to help others in need.

Yes, Jesus asks us to take up our cross and to follow Him, however, He rarely asks us to shoulder other peoples’ crosses, and certainly never to the point where it would hinder our own faith walk. As the Gospel of Matthew states at the end of Chapter 6, ‘…we should not worry about tomorrow as today has enough troubles of its own.’ This is a truth, that no matter how difficult we find it to put it into practice, which nevertheless is necessary for a fruitful life in God’s Kingdom.

The key issue at stake here is one of control. Who is in control of our lives? Do we insist on holding the reigns or are we willing to give them over into the hands of the Holy Spirit? An eagle can soar effortlessly through the sky only if it can find the right updrafts of wind to keep it aloft. We Christians will soar effortlessly through our lives, (well, as effortlessly as it is possible), only when we can find the strength of character to let the Holy Spirit lead and guide us through the mazes and difficulties that we create for ourselves because of our sins.

And so we return to the question of control. The greatest burdens in our lives are usually a direct result of our assuming control of our life direction. This is always going to be a mistake and lead to all sorts of problems. God has created us and so it is quite logical to assume that He knows what is best for us. Therefore we should be doing our best to give Him as much control of our lives as possible. He knows the best path for us to travel. If we are going to insist on leading, then forget about soaring majestically through life and prepare for a lot of crashes and problems.

Who is in control of my life? Is it I, or is it the Lord? Am I willing to let go of the reins of my life and allow Jesus to lead me by the power of the Holy Spirit?

Holy Spirit, lead me in the path of God’s will for me. Help me to soar like an eagle through life and thus to experience daily the power and presence of God.