To pay tax or not to pay tax, that is a very vexing question! There are some who argue that we have every right to minimise our tax payment as much as is legally possible. This may be legal, but is it moral? Do we not have a moral responsibility to support the government that provides all sorts of services to the country? Have we not got a responsibility to support the social services of our country that are theoretically designed to help the poor in their struggle to better their lives? I would think that we have a moral responsibility to pay a reasonable level of tax in order to meet the moral requirement of doing what we can to support those less well-off than we are.

On the other hand there are those who argue that many of the policies of the government (war, family planning using contraceptives etc) are against our Christian faith and along with the level of corruption mean that we do not have an obligation to pay taxes! I do not follow the latter view. There is a moral obligation to support and recognise the authority of the secular state (cf. Rom 13) and if we think it is corrupt or wrong in its policies then we should seek to reform it and renew it so that its policies and practices are in accord with what is right and good.

Jesus tells us to render to Caesar (the state) that which belongs to it, and whether we like it or not all money belongs to the state at one level as you will not be taking any of it to heaven! We live in the world but we are not of the world. Our lives are but a passing event in the history of the world and our ultimate destination is heaven! It is this truth that we have to reflect in the way we live in the world, witnessing to the fact that there is far more at stake than the things the world offers us.

Is my life grounded in a vision for eternal life or is it focused upon what I intend to get out of my life here and now. If the answer is the latter then it is time for you to refocus your life upon more important things than are in your sight at the moment.

Jesus, help me to follow your will and call as the first priority of my life. I know my life is but a passing reality in this world. Help me to prepare well for the next.